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Team Names for Tough Mudder

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Picking a Tough Mudder team name, a mud run team name, or a running team name, it doesn’t really matter in the slightest but it can be fun, and you can get some matching t-shirts or a badass costume to go with the name. You can pick a costume to go with your name or a name to go with your costume. In either case, check out the list below to find a good mud run or obstacle race team.
mud run team member takes a dive

One thing people often overlook is the location of the event. You can come up with a pretty clever name based off the where you are, the closest city, local slang, local landmarks or stereotypes about people in the area.

Also coming up with a team name based on your costume can really help as well. So without further wait, the names:

Funny Mud Run and Obstacle Team Names

Running Team Names

Whether it’s an easy 5k or an ultramarathon. Running with friends or family is a lot more fun. So here is our collection of even more running team names. A lot of these will work for a mud run or obstacle race too.

For a whole bunch more funny team names check out The Beer League Funny Team Names List.

girl team members hug in the mud after race

Tough Mudder Team Names

Here are some names specifically for Tough Mudder. Of course many of the names listed above will work for this as well but here are a few more.

Spartan Race Team Names

Anything to do with Greek mythology, Sparta, the movie 300 all would work for a Spartan Race team name, or go with one of the names listed above.

Girl Team Names

Coed Team Names

Some More random names in case you’re still undecided.

Color Run Team Names

View the rest of the color run team names here »

Adventure Race Team Names

Find the perfect name for your adventure race team. From the funny to the serious and unique.

Get Ready For Your Event

Now that you’ve gotten some good ideas for a team name you might want to think about getting some team costumes. Check out the costume ideas page. Or if you’re more serious about your event and want some advice on what to wear, check out or socks, shoes, gloves and clothing guides for obstacle races and mud runs.

footwear guide socks guide accessories guide clothing guide gloves guide