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Costume Ideas

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Some people want to get the best time possible at their obstacle race, and others are all about the experience, and for some people it is a combination of both. If you do decide to wear a costume or just a goofy t-shirt, here are some ideas. If you’re looking to be more competitive, we’ve put together a obstacle race and mud run gear guide.

I tried to keep the costume ideas functional, as in you can complete the event with it on. Of course you can get as crazy or detailed with your costumes as you want to get.

mud run super woman costumes

Depending on the difficulty of the event, most people don’t finish with their whole costume intact. You’ll see a bunch of discarded hats and other items along the path as you do your Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, mud run or whatever event. So if you do plan on wearing a costume, make sure it’s cheap so you can throw it away if necessary and not feel bad about it. Mud tends to wreck light colored clothes and the chances of the costume stretching or tearing is also pretty good. Thing of it like a halloween costume, one time use.

Need a team name? We got a list of team names as well.

Costume Idea List

Here is the big list of fun, cleaver and unique costume ideas for your race team, mud run or obstacle race:

Television & Movie Characters, Musicians, and Celebrities Costumes

Where's Waldo mud run costumebanana suitrodeo clownPower Ranger costume

Fantasy Characters, Superheros, Video Games

super hero costume

wonder woman costumeCaptain America costumebat girl costumeSanta suit

Random Costumes

No real theme, just some different costume ideas that might peak your interest.

Team Richard Simmons at Warrior Dash

Less is More

The less you wear the easier most events will be. Everyone has different comfort zones but these can be the best functional costumes you can come up with. I’ve combined minimal and functional costumes into one category.

Minimal Clothing & Functional Costumes

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What Makes a Good Costume

There are tons of different costumes out there but finding one that you can compete in is another story. What you are looking for is something you can run in to start. If the event involves water and mud you also want something that wicks water. For obstacle races you may have to crawl through tight confined spaces which a big cumbersome costume might not get through.

Anything lose fitting and hanging off might get caught up or you could trip over. If you’re going in a dress make it a skirt.

The one thing to remember whether you finish in first or you barely finish is to have fun.

footwear guide socks guide accessories guide clothing guide gloves guide