Follow along on my journey to better health, wealth and happiness.

This is the place I document my progress as I go from 100k in debt and overweight, to fit, happy and financialy secure.

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Fitbit Alternatives

For the last six months or so I’ve been using Fitbit to monitor my sleep, steps and calories burned each day. Its a great little tool and has helped me… Continue Reading »

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The Journey

Progress Report: June 2016

I don’t know if I’ll continue doing these monthly progress reports going forward. If anything I’ll probably change the format some to reflect the kinds of activities I’m up to these days but in the meantime I thought ti would be fun to give an update on where I’m at 3 years later.

As I stand financially, I have… Continue Reading »

Holy Jeez Where Did the Time Go

Wow it has been years since I’ve written anything on this website. It is a little bit of a miracle that the domain name and hosting hasn’t expired. That’s how negligent I’ve been. But with several year of rest and a renewed interest I’ve decided to a bit of writing here again.

So where to begin. A lot has… Continue Reading »

Long Time, New Project

Been a really long time since I’ve published anything here. Partially because I’ve been busy with freelance design work and also because I have a big new project.

My big new project is a little WordPress theme business. I’m not officially launched yet but I have 5 premium themes that are built and I’m currently testing and a 6th… Continue Reading »

Revealing my Authority Site Project

So for the last two months now I’ve been working off and on, on a new website. I’ve been letting my other sites expire for the most part and am focusing on one large site.

So here are some of the details as why I chose to make this site, how I picked the niche, and where I am… Continue Reading »

Marathon Training Progress

Its been a while since I posted last that I was going to be running a marathon so I thought I’d give an update on that. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to be doing it since right after writing that, I strained by calf. But I took a week or so off, did some stretching and foam roller… Continue Reading »

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